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I had a trawl round yesterday trying to find nice new supplies for both me and the shop.  There's an exhausting amount of crafty places to buy online. I'm not going to lie to you, lots of them have the same items, some are overpriced, some are just plain dull.

I did, however, find 3 which I will definitely go back to, so I'm sharing them here. I placed and order at the first website this morning, so I'll update you on their service after it arrives, the second one will no doubt be getting an order very soon (when I've done my month's ends) and the third one is just so unusual I wanted to share it.

Liz's Craft store

Nice selection of card making and jewellery supplies, laid out easily and very competitively priced. There's an option to get yourself a wholesale account (minimum order £50) and I managed to find tons of stuff I wanted to buy. Also accepts Paypal, which seals the deal. What I really liked was the 'craft gift' section - lots of children's craft kits I haven't seen anywhere else.

I got myself a wholesale account and so far the service has been tremedously fast, and I seemed to get loads for my money. Postage is definitely fair as well - just over £5 for a big box of treasures.

Fabric Rehab

If you like nice fabric, don't click the link unless your bank balance can stand it! Quirky prints, retro prints, and bundles of fat quarters which match. Perfect for making little toys, quilts etc. Reasonably priced again, especially the big bundles.

Paper Artsy

Really unusual dies, papers, charms etc, including some altered art supplies which are dirt cheap. Even though I'm not working on anything which requires this sort of stuff for, I will definitely come back if I am, and it's even given me some inspiration. It's also the only place I've seen anything like their jewellery findings; copper chains, silver chandeliers and plain wooden beads.

I'm not going to lie to you, lots of them have the same items, some are overpriced, some are just plain dull.


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