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This website isn't always a favourite of crafty types. I can understand why, I really can. However, there's nothing I like more than seeing what other people have made, and any site which narrows down the huge spectacle of Etsy can't really be a bad thing.

It drives traffic to Etsy, it gets items sold which might otherwise be ignored, and if you ignore most of the comments from the other users, it's pretty good fun. Sure, there are some people who are just mean or rude, but mostly the sellers themselves enjoy it (and if they don't, the item can be removed). Most of all, the site raises money for charity - t-shirts and other items featuring favourite picks are sold on Zazzle, and all proceeds are given to chosen causes, or the money is used to ask crafters to make items needed by the causes. Most recently, the money was used to buy knitted false breasts for women who've had mastectomies.

Have a look, ignore the snarks, and take it in the spirit it's meant, and you'll find something about it to enjoy.

I was upset when I was featured on regretsy - but only for the first few minutes. Then I started seeing orders piling in! I'm in the book, released yesterday - haven't seen it yet though.

Some of the commenters are truly mean, but it's because (I think) they don't realise it's all subjective. Just because *you* don't like something, doesn't mean it's bad. It's just not to your taste. What do YOU think of my meerkat nativity that was featured? Some think it's tacky, but plenty of people bought it!


I love Regretsy and like you say, it's subjective, it's a bit of fun... personally LOVE the meerkat nativity mentioned above!


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