Life's Big Canvas - unique gifts from Chloe McGenn

The pannier market at Granary Wharf began on Saturday. It runs every last Saturday of the month, and there were some ace new artists I hadn't come across yet. Instead of picking everything from Etsy this week, I picked the ones I liked the most from the market.
The Sulky Cat

Lovely handsewn items. At the moment, there are only knitting needle holders on her Etsy site, but on Saturday she had amazing floral patterned pears and cats.

Coyle and Hall

These beautiful handmade bags caught my eye, not just because they were on the stall  next to me. Sumptuous fabrics, big buttons, and those lovely clasp handles.

Hannah Stained Glass

Exquisite stained glass bowls, hanging things and even brooches. They tinkled in the wind, and caught the light beautifully.

The Clever Cupcake

I really wanted to buy some of these, but they sold out so quickly! Next month, I promise, there will be a review of them.

Toasty Bonce

Not at the pannier market, but I can't bear leaving it at 4 people, and I did see these people at another craft fair, and have wanted to mention them ever since!

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