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This week, I've been looking around at felt, dolls and toys. I'm doing a project (as you might have noticed) about odd toys and games, death and the unexpected. I usually only do 5 picks, but there was such an amazing array of toys and dolls, I had to choose 10.

Monkey with a Fez magnet

Not strictly a toy, but I had to include him. I love the description, and the look on his face is priceless.

Cup of Water

There's something really charming about these crocheted molecules in this shop, but it's the cup these 2 come in that make them my favourites.


I don't think I need to explain why this is awesome do I? It's an alien dude in a cape, standing next to a sports car.

Unhappy Cancer Sucks bunny

These bunnies are really cute, but have grumpy faces and odd sayings on their chests. I think they're the perfect mixture of cute and slightly creepy.

Anna and Molly

These conjoined twin dolls are beautifully made, but have the creepiest eyes I've seen on a doll. I love them.

Mommy Selena

A slightly nightmarish voodoo rabbit doll, adorned with her voodoo doll and gri-sgris staff. Gorgeous.


This cute fleecy robot with fire shooting out of his feet and a claw for a hand is my favourite in this shop, although I like the other bunnies too. This one just seemed to grab my attention

Elephant Girl

This whole shop is like a victorian freak show, but Elephant Girl is the one I would buy. It's meticulously made, and beautiful. If only I could be as good as this.

Sockbot no 3

A move away from the usual sock creatures, these sockbots introduce hard surfaces, and have grabbed my attention. I love sock monkeys and bunnies, of course, but there's something I like about the dichotomy of comfy socks being mechanical.


and to prove the point, here's my favourite current stuffed bunny.


Thanks for featuring Anna and Molly in your pick of the week, loving all the other odd toys and dolls too :)



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