Life's Big Canvas - unique gifts from Chloe McGenn

I did this on my old blog a couple of times, so I'm resurrecting it. My five favourite things on Etsy this week are as follows.

In all cases photos belong to the seller, and you can click on the picture to go and visit the item on Etsy.
Murray Brothers plaid satchel

Gorgeous upcycled bags. I really want to save up for one of these, cause there's no way I could make one this lovely.

Blue chameleon sculptural toy

Isn't this amazing?

Apocalypse Cakes recipe cards

I love these art recipe cards. They're beautifully retro designed, and have fantastic photographs.

Paper Mache sugar skull

This girl makes amazing sugar skulls. They're all so perfect, it stopped me even trying to make them for my project.

Dave Grohl felt finger puppet

I love these finger puppets. They're just really cute.


Thanks so much for the Dave love. He's smashing, and has so much fun. Nice picks all! I especially love the sugar skull! Have a splendid week!


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